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Arwut Ngenchooklin, Air Chief Marshal(ACM)

Arwut Ngenchooklin, Air Chief Marshal(ACM) is one of Thailand's National Artist in Visual Art Area with Architecture Field. He is an ex chancellor of Thailand's fine art department.
Arwut Ngenchooklin is one of the most important person in Thailand's Fine Art, in this case; Thailand's Traditional Architecture. With his expertise experience, serving with the Navy for 9 years in Architecture field, learning with seniors and conserving national architectures with national's fine art department.

With his point of view in Thai Architecture, he says that it is different from other architecture, Difficult to be working right after graduated, learning with seniors and teachers are crucial.

Sending off plan blueprints to construction is almost impossible, to be accurate the plan have to enlarge to its original scale, with all the decorations, design lines have to also be its original scale, ready for the craftsmanship to work on.
Arwut Ngenchooklin stated that in all of his work, there is nothing completely perfect, still some mistakes, even though other people may think that it is perfect, this due to the lack of experience.

One of the most satisfy work of his is the Rama IX Kanchanaphisek temple. The temple was a required from the King phumiphon Rama IX, aiming the temple to be an original sample for other temples. The Temple were to be small and simple. Arwut Ngenchooklin says it is also very changeling. In the design process he also have to think of the material that will be used, adapting the original and traditional to modern and functional which do not lose its Thai-ness. This may not be one of the greatest architecture that he have done, but it is to be one of his most proud of, and very satisfy.

"I think that anything that stays still, won't last. Same goes to Thai architecture, it will die if only to remake just to look like originals. How can Thai architecture survive? how can we bring modern material into Thai architecture?"

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90 years of Fine Art Department of Thailand,Arwut Ngenchooklin, Air Chief Marshal(ACM),Bangkok, รุ่งศิลป์การพิพมพ์ 1977

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