Friday, June 7, 2013

Visiting Thai Silk Village, Khon Kaen

It is my pleasure to be visiting one of the most famous village in Thailand in making silk.
The village have its own unique technique of weaving the silk yarn called 'mud mee' (ผ้าไหมมัดมหี่) which was pass on from generations to generation. There's many kind of pattern that was pass on, many depends on popularity on each of times, and the individual's ability.
The development of the pattern and color has been develop non stop, this gives newer and fresher appearance to the silk fabric, the consideration of these development of local will always be consider of the use of the garment, popularity, social level, society and occupation.

When I was visiting the village, I was be able to go and see the local weaving and tide dye the silk which just located at the back of the store where they sell their own products.

It is amazing me so much on how difficult, time and afford that was put in to just make approximately 1.8 m. (this depends on pattern, color combination and how experienced the local is.

One part of the interview that I find it most interesting and unfortunately sad is that, nowadays it is very rare to find a younger generation who will be happily learn and take on this legendary, heritage of fabric making.

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