Saturday, June 8, 2013

Wat Phra Kaeo or Phrasrisatana Sasaram Temple

Phrasrisatana Sasaram Temple or we call it in short cut as 'Wat phra Kaeo', It is where the Emerald Buddha were placed inside the main palace temple which was built in between 1784 to 1786, The temple were to be the temple of the city and country, a heart and soul of Thais believes and religious.

Phrasrisatana Sasaram Temple only consist of ritual ceremony area which do not allowed any monk to stay inside the its border.
The temple is within the Palace territory, located in the northeast. Between the area of the palace and the temple were clearly divided with balcony fence, each of every temple palace will have its own balcony fence to indicate the area surrounded.

The gates inside Phrasrisatana Sasaram Temple were guarded with a six meters high couple of giant statues. All of the giant statue were made from a believe that they will be guarding the temple from all the bad spirits, These 12 giants which guarding six gates were to be estimated built in the time of King Rama III.

For example
'Suriyaphop' guarding the front gate, an imaginary being of human form but of superhuman size, or giant.
'Sahassadeja' The white giant was guarding the right side gate
The most well know 'Thosagan' the king of all giants, has greenish complexion, 'Thosagan' is guarding the back door.

The beautiful arts and decoration of Phrasrisatana Sasaram Temple not only visible from the outside, The wall around balcony are the painting story of the tale 'Ramakien' (รามเกียรติ์). it is to be the longest painting wall in the world. 

Phrasrisatana Sasaram Temple is one of the most beautiful temple in the world, I find its decoration to be very fascinated, very detailed and thoughtful. I cannot imagine on how much time and effort that has been putting in building the temple, I feel very lucky that I decided to visit the temple as part of my research journey, This makes me wanted to learn more about my beautiful cultures and to pass on these heritage and massage to others. 

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Photos are took by myself

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